Panasonic EW1211W DentalCare Water Flosser Review

Having a cordless water flosser is a huge convenience as it gives users freedom to move around. Some will hold a charge for weeks and some may just be for a few hours. Luckily this cordless flosser from Panasonic can hold a charge for up to 6 weeks amongst other positives, which we will cover in our Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care review.

Despite its bulky size, its design is ergonomically friendly for users to hold and it’s pretty compact with its own water reservoir that can be removed. It has 3 different pressure settings that act as modes so it can be adjusted to suit each user’s needs.

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Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care Features

 Panasonic EW1211
Our Rating4.4 out of 5 stars
Pressure Settings3
Modes• Jet
• Normal Air In
• Soft Air In
Reservoir130 ml
Water Use35 secs
Power Source• 2-Pin Plug
• Rechargeable Battery
Uni VoltYes
Included Accessories• Nozzle Stand
• Wall Mountable Charging Base
• 2 x Nozzles with Identification Ring
Warranty2 years

Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care Benefits

Besides the long charge hold of the Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care water flosser, there are many other benefits this flosser can do for you:

  • A special cleaning effect is created because of the second pump which gives the water extra oxygen giving users the option to use a gentler mode of air and water mixed together. It’s ideal for sensitive gums and people suffering from periodontitis.
  • Teeth and gums are gently massaged and cared for when using the water-air mixture setting. This promotes blood flow that will improve the overall health of your gums.
  • Its precise cleaning technique with the water jet mode (also the highest pressure setting) makes it suitable for use on bridges, braces and dentures.
  • The powerful water jet reaches places that a normal toothbrush cannot and helps to remove bacteria and loosen food particles trapped in between teeth and in gum pockets.
  • It doesn’t take up much space in your bathroom as it has a removable water reservoir attached.
  • Cleaning the water reservoir is easy as it can be removed and rinsed out with a gentle detergent mixed with warm water to keep it hygienically clean.

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Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care Review

Pressure Power

Although there aren’t as much pressure settings for this cordless water flosser as corded ones, this still has more than the Philips Sonicare AirFloss. With its 3 pressure settings, it can go up to 590 kPa with 1400 pulses per minute. Warm water should be used for a more comfortable experience as the cold water can be quite harsh on sensitive gums.

It goes from a gentle setting that mixes pressurised air with the water jet for massaging the gums and goes on to a normal setting with a firm pressure for removing plaque and food bits.

The highest setting uses the water jet to remove trapped food particles and stubborn plaque. It takes just a few seconds to loosen these.

Although it’s the strongest setting, it’s not overly intense like other water flossers so it’s bearable for those with sensitive gums.

This rechargeable water flosser conveniently remembers the last setting so if there are a few people sharing one, it’s best to check the setting before use if you don’t want a shock when you turn it on.

Noise Levels

When it’s switched on, this water flosser makes a loud humming sound just like electric toothbrushes but slightly quieter. Compared to some of the best water flossers such as many of the Waterpik models, this is actually a lot more quieter and bearable for your ears.

Water Flosser Tips

With the Panasonic EW1211W, it comes with 2 of the same nozzle which is similar to the Oral-B Water Jet Oral Irrigator. It’s designed with an angled and pointed tip at the end that sprays a single stream of water out.

It gives a more targeted clean in between teeth and those hard to reach areas to help remove plaque easier. The nozzle should be cleaned regularly to prevent limescale from building and to keep it performing well.

Each nozzle has a different colour ring to help identify which users are using that colour. Conveniently, the charger port has a holder for 1 nozzle which is ideal if you share with your partner or just to keep your spare there.

Cordless Convenience

As per the manufacturer’s instructions, the first charge takes 15 hours so the battery lasts its full life expectancy. However, after that, it’s pretty quick to charge but it’s best to charge when the battery is fully depleted.

A full charge can last 1 user up to 6 weeks if it’s used once a day and if it’s 2 people using, it lasts about 10 to 12 days. With a long hold time of the charge, this cordless water flosser can be taken out and about or on trips. That’s if you got space for its bulkiness though.

As the charging socket is sealed making it non-contact, there’s no chance of water getting into it and causing corrosion which has happened with some other rechargeable water flossers. This also makes cleaning the charging station easy.

Testing the Panasonic EW1211W

Want to know how effective the Pansonic EW1211W is? Watch this video below to see it in action. The model featured is actually the previous version EW1211A, but the updated model works the same way, albeit with more pressure.

Conclusion On the Panasonic EW1211W

Coming to the end of our Panasonic EW1211W Dental Care review, it’s clear that this water flosser has many great features that can rival some of the best cordless water flossers.

This oral irrigator has proven it’s effective in the removal of trapped food particles to prevent plaque from building up. It’s more durable and saves a lot of space in the bathroom.

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