Philips Sonicare AirFloss Review

From the well-known brand of Philips comes one of the most popular and best cordless water flossers which is simple to use without the usual water mess of most other water flossers.

It cleans an entire mouth fast and removes 5x more plaque than manual brushing can, and when combined with Philip’s Sonicare toothbrushes, you have one hell of a dental cleaning kit. To give you a better idea of what to expect from this water flosser, we’ve summed it all up in our Philips Sonicare Airfloss review.

The product’s name sounds like it doesn’t use water and suggests only air is used but in fact, there is water involved. It’s just not on the same scale as other water flossers such as the ones from Waterpik.

The water that’s sprayed from the AirFloss are micro water droplets combined with pressurised air which are gentle on the gums yet effective in plaque removal and food particles.

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Philips Sonicare AirFloss Features

 Philips Sonicare Air Floss
Our Rating4.3 out of 5 stars
Water/AirWater + Air
Pressure SettingsN/A
Water UseN/A
Power Source• 2-Pin Plug
• Rechargeable Battery
Uni VoltYes
Included AccessoriesNozzle
Warranty2 years

Philips Sonicare AirFloss Benefits

Besides being less messy that most other water flossers, these benefits explain why it’s best to use this AirFloss as part of your oral cleaning routine:

  • Clinical studies prove it can remove up to 99% more plaque than just manually brushing your teeth on its own.
  • A 30 second application can clean all of your teeth and gums leaving your mouth feeling fresher and cleaner.
  • Mouthwash can be used on its own for an even more fresher and cleaner sensation. Philips also provide specially formulated antimicrobial mouthwashes for specific treatments.
  • Daily use helps to improve the overall health of your gums in just 2 weeks.
  • As well as removing plaque and food debris, gums are gently massaged to stimulate them which can help to prevent and improve gum disease.
  • It’s easy to use as the guidance on the tip provides easy positioning so you feel when it’s settled in between your teeth even in difficult areas to reach such as at the back of the teeth.
  • The AirFloss gets rid of any missed plaque during brushing which helps to prevent the formation of cavities and gum disease.
  • Clinical results show that the AirFloss is gentle on teeth and gums so it’s even suitable for people with sensitive gums, gingivitis and it’s safe to use on any dental work.
  • Teeth and gums are given a deep clean thanks to the Microburst technology which gently pushes pressurised air and water droplets to those hard to reach areas. It hits areas that brushing and traditional string floss cannot.

What Customers Say

Water Flossing Teeth

Pressure Power

Having just the one button to activate this cordless water flosser, that means there’s just the one pressure setting with no other controls. However, the pressure from the spray of water and air is gentle but it’s strong enough to dislodge food particles in between teeth and maintain as well as improve gum health.

The feel of the pressure has been described as the air that comes out of a balloon pump but people new to water flossing may experience some bleeding at first which gradually decreases with use.

When using the Autofire mode, the pressure of the quick short blasts are still gentle enough for sensitive gums to use.

Noise Levels

As with many other water flossers, this one is no quieter than an electric toothbrush. It’s practically impossible to have one that makes no noise even if it’s the best water flosser. It’s not excessively loud but the noise sounds louder when it’s in your mouth.

AirFloss Nozzles

Included with this water flosser is 1 nozzle which is the:

  • AirFloss Interdental Nozzle – designed with a pointed tip on a rounded base to provide users with a guide to ensure correct placement in between teeth. Its slim and angled which makes access to hard to reach areas easy. With the pointed guidance tip, it effectively helps to blast away trapped food bits in between teeth whilst removing plaque.

Although there is currently just 1 nozzle type, it comes in green or pink to match the colour of the AirFloss.

Cordless Convenience

Before using the air flosser for the first time, the initial charge will take 24 hours according to the manufacturer’s instructions which is pretty long but it’s to ensure the battery life lasts its full cycle.

After the first charge, it takes around 2 hours to fully charge the battery each time. A full charge will last up to 2 weeks when used twice a day. This makes it ideal to take on holiday or on short trips without needing to bring the charger with you.

If you’ve got a Philips Sonicare toothbrush, you’re in luck as this Sonicare AirFloss conveniently fits into the same charger so it saves you some space. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include the Diamond Clean charger.

Product Manuals

How to Use a Sonicare AirFloss

Watch this short video by Philips which explains how to use your Sonicare AirFloss correctly.

Conclusion on the Philips Sonicare AirFloss

This Philips Sonicare AirFloss review shows a cordless water flosser that cleans teeth and gums very well and is suitable for people with dental work too.

Having no cord gives users the freedom to move about without worry of pulling a water reservoir over or getting the cord of the unit wet. It’s portable so you can take it wherever you go and it’s less messy than other water flossers.

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